The Worx weed eater reviews

If you tired of mixing the gas and oil, if you are tired of struggling with a gas powered machine that won’t start. If you want to quit entangling over extension cords, if you don’t want sore back and muscles. If you don’t want to struggle with pull starters then you are at right place. This cordless Worx GT weed eater starts with a simple push button and goes anywhere you want to go. It easily adapts to the job. You will never again worry about that awkward bumping to set the line. If the line breaks it automatically feeds out to the right length.

It uses the double helix braided line which has sharp edges. It gives a sharper cut than other ordinary weed eaters. The works GT is very light weight weed eater in fact it is less than 7 pounds. Its flower guard will protect your garden flowers from accidental cuts. The ordinary weed eaters are not very easy to store. You can store Worx GT very easily. This weed eater is using 18 volts powerful battery. It is long lasting and can be recharged in less than an hour. It has 8200 RPM speed.

It is one of the most versatile trimmers you ever used. No matter how tall or short you are; you can easily adjust its height to fit your individual comforts. Both the shaft and the handle are fully adjustable. Its handle has six unique locking positions. Simply pull up on the release grip which allows the handle to move and then release to lock the handle in place. The telescopic shaft and adjustable second handle makes this weed eater most ergonomic grass trimmer available today.

Adjustable parts:

One of the biggest complaints for the ordinary grass trimmers is that after only minutes of use they can cause arm soreness and back pain. It is the result of bad designs of the weed eater. That’s why let’s understand the proper way to hold Worx GT string trimmer. This trimmer is designed to be held with each arm fully extended. This keeps each arm in the correct position and greatly reduces the stress on back and arms. In addition it has a telescopic shaft which allows you to adjust its height. Simply twist the locking ring located in the middle of the shaft in the direction indicated to loosen the shaft. Extend the shaft to the proper length and re-tighten by turning the rings in anti-clockwise directions.

Its fully adjustable head allows you to do the job that ordinary trimmer simply can’t. With the Worx weed eater you can easily tilt the trimmer head. The trimming head of this weed eater adjusts over 90 degrees of motion or any place in between so you can get that perfect angle every time. To adjust the trimmer shaft into the horizontal position simply hold down the trimmer head and push the shaft down. In this position trimmer can be used to trim underneath bushes, desks, outdoor furniture, play equipment and other hard to reach places. If you have an uneven or sloping area in your yard then it is not a problem with Worx GT weed eater. It feels very balance and comfortable. In gasoline powered machines the engine is in a back that means your all weight is in the back.

Trimmer to edger:

Now one of my favorite features of the Worx GT. Simply straightens the head all the way down and turn the handle. Now you have a true inline edger. It comes with a wheel which really makes it complete inline edger. First make sure that its flower guard is removed and properly stored underneath of the trimmer head. Then adjust the head to the lowest horizontal angle position. Then position the edging wheel on the ground for edger mode. Next loosen the black ring on the base of the handle and rotate the entire handle in the 90 degree angle with the trimmer head. Tighten the locking ring inn opposite direction. Finally adjust the length of the handle and auxiliary handle to a comfortable position. Now place the Worx GT on the ground where you wish to use it. The wheel will help to guide the trimmer to drive it in perfect direction. With Worx GT you don’t need to buy a second machine for edging. You can very easily convert it to an edger.

How to change its line:

Changing the line on the Worx GT is simple and easy. It comes with at least one spool of cutting line. When the line is completely used then simply remove the head caps by pressing the two buttons on the opposite sides of the cap and remove the empty spool. You can rewind the empty spool with both lines. Take around 16 feet of line and wind it in the directions of the arrows.

Company advertisement:

What happens when over 20 world-class engineers and designers come together to create the perfect home and gardening tool? You get the most amazing grass trimmer you have ever used. We are introducing the Worx GT which is actually 2 machines in one. The Worx GT easily converts from a powerful grass trimmer to a precision inline edger.  

We all love a great looking lawn. In fact the appearance of your lawn says a lot about who you are to your friends, neighbors and relatives. For well-groomed and well managed yard you need a good weed eater. I think this is a great option for all of your needs. Hope you like this Worx weed eater review.

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