How to replace trimmer line in string trimmers

Replacing trimmer head is very easy if you understand the process once. There are different types of trimmer heads like single line, double line etc. Read the complete guide on how to replace trimmer line for different trimmer head types.

Single line trimmer head:

The first thing you need to do is remove the cap on the weed trimer head. Then the spool will come out. On the spool inside there is a little hole. That’s the place to start trimmer line. You also notice on the spool that there are a couple of arrows. These arrows indicate the directions of the line need to wrap. Take up the trimmer line and insert it into the trimmer hole to get started. Start wrapping the line in the direction of the arrows. Try to wrap the line in rows. Straighter you wrapped the line more likely it will feed from the trimmer properly.
If you don’t do it properly now then you have to do it once again while working because wrapping line carelessly can cause the problems. Once you complete the line wrapping on spool there is little retainer on the side to hold the line when we feed it into the trimmer head. Now reinstall the spool and reattach the cap.

Double line trimmer head:

Now take a look at the double line trimmer head. It works very similar like single line trimmer head only difference is it has two lines. On this trimmer head there are tabs on each side of the trimmer head. You can push those tabs and release the trimmer head cover. With the trimmer cover off what you have to do next is pull spool of the trimmer line. On this spool you have the two containers for two different lines. Once you have that spool then you can easily remove the existing trimmer line and add a new trimmer line on that. If you look at the bottom of the spool closely there are arrows stamps into the body. This is probably the most important thing to remember while installing the trimmer line you should wind it in the direction of the arrows. If you don’t then when you start the trimmer then line will feed out incorrectly. After having two equal parts of trimmer line, next step is to add them into the trimmer spool.
Put the line into the little hole and start the winding of trimmer line in the direction of the arrows. After completing the winding of one part of the line just snap the line into the slot on the spool. You have to repeat this process for the second part of the line and then insert the line into the second slot on the spool.  Put the spool back in trimmer head. Last step is to take cover plate and snap it back into the place. One last thing you can do before the trimming and that is grease the bearing at the bottom of the trimmer head.

Without disassembling trimmer line:

You don’t have to disassemble it to install the trimmer line. You can change the line very fast. To install it first thing you need to do is there are some arrows on the top of the trimmer head. You have to rotate the cap in the direction of those arrows. After completing the rotation you can see two holes on opposite sides of the trimmer head. You can insert the line into those holes without disassembling the trimmer head. Now you have to make sure that you have equal length of line on both sides. After that you can simply rotate the top cap and line will automatically load into the trimmer head.

Present trimmer head line:

At present some best weed eater heads comes with use and throws trimmer spools. These trimmer spools come with loaded trimmer line. Once trimmer line is used completely you can replace this trimmer spool with new loaded spool. These types of trimmer lines are very popular in some cordless trimmers today.
This is all about how to replace trimmer lines in different types of string trimmers.

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