Hitachi gas powered grass trimmer review

So today we have review of one more incredible gas weed eater. It is a Hitachi straight shaft gas powered weed trimmer.  It does have the best consumer warranty than most of the trimmers. That’s a total 2 year consumer and commercial warranty and 1 year rental warranty. Some of the things you will find at the time of unboxing this trimmer are it is 60 inch and 21cc weed eater and it is probably in the list of 5 best weed eater reviews in the market right now. Some of the top sites give it very high ratings and very positive reviews. You can use this multifunction tool for different purposes like mini-cultivator, brush cutter, pole saw.

So before starting with actual trimmer review let’s find what is there in accessories bag. Accessories bag has nice pair of eye protective safety glasses; a black handle with nice grip, a trimmer head, manual (you can easily understand), guide book and lot more small helpful tools. Trimmer head comes with loaded line. You can assemble this weed eater very easily. Because of its anti-vibrating feature its feel is completely different than other traditional gas weed eaters in the market. Its weight is little more. It is not easy to hold it for a long time because of its weight.

You can adjust the height of handle but it is not very easy. Unlike other gas weed eaters there is nothing like a fuel smell in this trimmer. It doesn’t have a safety junk that lots of the newer machines have. It’s wide, big and really comfortable for hands. It has a protective gas tank which generally comes with very expensive trimmers. It does use the lot of gas but starts very easily because of its S-start feature. Company claims that this feature reduces 50% of efforts while starting. You don’t have to follow famous multiple steps process to start gas weed eater.

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