Echo weed eater reviews

Echo SRM 225 weed eater review

This is an echo SRM 225 straight shaft weed eater. It is echo’s bestselling straight shaft trimmer. It is powered by 21.1 cc engine. This engine certified to the EPA’s highest ratings for its reliable performance, durability and fuel efficiency. Echo is using this 21.1 cc engine from very long time. It comes with echo speed feed head.  Before 2011 they were using U-turn trimmer head.  Difference between echo speed feed head and U-turn head is that U-turn head hold much string than speed feed head. U-turn head hold about 24 feet of string and speed feed head holds around 10-15 feet of string. But speed feed head has its own advantages over U-turn head. But loading string on speed feed head is easier than the U-turn head. It comes with I 30 starting system which is popular now a day. These systems are used to reduce the starting efforts of gas weed eater. It has comparatively small gas tank which is not big issue.

Its 1.4 to 1 gear reduction ratio provides tremendous cutting torque and very high trimmer head speed. The commercial Aluminum clutch housing is designed to with stand the wear and tear for day in day out use. The SRM 225 integrated vibration reduction engine mount offers greater user comfort by decreasing the vibration transfer to the handle grips. The speed feed cutting head reloads very quickly without disassembling. Basically what you have to do is just cut 10 feet trimmer line and insert it through the trimmer head with two equal parts on both sides.  Then just hold the base of head and twist it. It will automatically feed the line. You don’t have to take off any part. If you are looking for the trimmer which should be very easy to start then you can also consider SRM-225i trimmer. It has 5 years consumer warranty and I think very few brands in the market support such long warranty. Echo SRM 225 has very positive and satisfying reviews from customers.

After unboxing this first thing you will find in box is echo safety manual. It covers safety guides for echo’s different models. Though echo’s safety guide manual is very big (more than 50 pages) it has very useful information.  Next thing you will find in box is echo’s operator manual for SRM 225. Next thing is echo’s own oil bottle for its 2 stroke engine. It is a higher octane fuel. They recommend 89 octanes. Your average daily vehicle oil has 87 octanes. They recommend 89 because higher compression engine requires higher octane. Box includes safety goggles.

Echo SRM 225 string trimmer has 59 inches straight shaft. Its head is bump feed as you bump it on the ground it will feed more line. They also provided air filter and cut off switch in this string trimmer. So that’s all about Echo SRM 225 weed eater. Hope this echo weed eater reviews will help you to buy the best weed eater for your needs.

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