Black Decker 36 volts cordless string trimmer review

Cordless weed trimmers are most popular weed trimmers in the market today. They have some great advantages over traditional gas weed eaters. We all know cordless string trimmers are most convenient trimmers on the market. But do you know which cordless weed trimmer is best among all? If you don’t know then don’t worry, you have landed at the right place. There are lots of good manufacturers in string trimmer industry but one that really makes a difference is Black Decker. I think Black Decker is best cordless string trimmer company in weed eater’s market. Today I am talking about their one of the best products. It is nothing but black Decker 36volt cordless weed trimmer.

Why it is best cordless string trimmer?

There are hundreds of cordless string trimmers in the market but this string trimmer is stands out because of following reasons:

  1. Customer reviews:
    More than 500 hundred customers have reviewed this weed eater on Amazon. After this large number of customer reviews its average rating is 4.5. This is showing its quality and customer satisfaction.
  2. Battery and charge time:
    Black Decker’s 36 volt trimmer uses 36-volt lithium rechargeable battery. We all know lithium batteries are better than traditional rechargeable batteries. But the best thing about this string trimmer is its charging time. It takes only one hour for charging. This is exclusive feature. Other cordless trimmers take 3 to 4 hours for charging.
  3. Power controller:
    You can control the power of its rotating head. They have included a power control button with six different power levels. This helps you to save the battery and increase trimmer’s run time. You can also set the power according to weed type and size.
  4. Automatic feed spool:
    This is one more feature which makes this cordless weed eater such popular and best among all. You don’t need to bump your trimmer again and again. It comes with automatic feed spool technology. If your spool line breaks during cutting then it automatically feeds the line.
  5. Trimmer and edger:
    You can use this weed eater not only as a trimmer but also as an edger. This is not an exclusive feature. It is available in lots of cordless trimmers now a days. But from the user’s perspective it is very helpful and convenient.
  6. Price:
    After all these great features you may expect very high price. But its price is also one of its great features. You can get this weed eater in less than $120. This is a great product with a fair price.

Because of all above features Black Decker’s 36 volts cordless string trimmer is one of the best and popular string trimmer in the market.

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