Best T5 Grow Lights Reviews & Guides 2017

What Is The Perfect Light?

It is one that creates just the right amount of illumination for what is needed. What is the perfect plant? It is one that receives the perfect amount of light. Now we know that nothing in life is truly perfect, however we have developed over the years, model after model of light fixtures with the set goal to maximize our efficiency while reducing our costs. While technology continues to advance, we cannot allow ourselves to lose touch with the most fundamental tools we need to survive. In this instance, plants. It is important that plants receive the right distribution of light in order to grow. It is also important that they receive the right amount of time under these conditions.

A good light for plants has proper mounting points and for optimum production multiple rows for additional plants. Depending on your needs options need to be weighed, in order to establish what is the best fit for both the project as well as a long-term commitment. For your garden, here are 5 highly recommended lighting fixtures:

Agrobrite T5

The Agrobrite T5 is a white two-foot long lighting fixture that includes a set of 4 fluorescent growing lights. This item is able to be hung three ways depending on your plants’ needs. This includes overhead, horizontal as well as vertical. The eight foot grounded power cord provides a fair amount of distance from outlet to growth point. It includes a five-year ballast warranty.

The lumen output rates up to 8,000. The item weighs in at about eleven and a half pounds. With aluminum and an energy-efficient, yet high-output T5 bulb combination it is able to double the amount of light energy compared to standard fluorescent lighting systems. More energy in less space can definitely find itself useful in a wide range of situations.

The Apollo Horticulture T5

The Apollo Horticulture T5 is a black four foot long lighting fixture that comes with 4 fluorescent lights. The system comes with a seven and a half foot long grounded power cord comparing close to the Agrobrite. Also like the Agrobrite this fixture is capable of being hung overhead, horizontal and vertical. A great feature the Apollo comes with is the standard to meet the intensity of high discharge bulbs and their output.

The ballasts, being electronic, run approximately 100,000 times before their efficiency begin to diminish. What is also incredible is the amount of hours the bulbs can last coming in around 20,000 hours. An important note to be made is the level of professionalism regarding the Apollo system should only be used in a proper green house that includes correct ventilation. If you’re a professional or looking to create professional level results then this is a high recommendation.

T5 Grow Light (Chain and Bulbs included)

Next up is a lovely silver four foot system that includes 4 lamps. Add to that an eight foot power cable and you have a standard distance device. What really stands out is the fact that it includes it’s own outlet on the fixture itself. This allows for up to 5 additional fixtures creating more space. Additionally there are 2 switches on the body that allow for incremental dimming, one for the outer bulbs and the other for the 2 inner bulbs.

Not only is it safe in wet or damp environments, but also comes with a certificate claiming fire prevention. This is of great importance especially in the case a tube gets loose, while the device is on. Not to mention a five-year warranty.

Apollo Horticulture T5 (two feet)

Another Apollo item comes in this time at two feet long but still with 4 fluorescent lights. The Apollo Horticulture T5 is a commercial based product and has all the same great features as the four-foot version but conveniently packed down 2 feet to better suit secluded areas.

Perfect for side projects that need to be tended to and distinguishable enough to not be left out. If you’re looking for a cost-effective light but not over the top in size, this is a great option. One of those products that offer great value for money.
Apollo Horticulture T5 2 Feet / 4 Tube Commercial Fixture with your Choice of Bulbs
The last item has a bit of a different look and feel to it. Coming in this time is a four-foot growth lighting system from Jump Start, not to be confused with the children’s teaching program. In an appropriately colored green paint, this piece fits right in to the garden setting. This is a best fit for cuttings, seedlings, houseplants or flowers. There’s a nice toggle clamp that allows for easy height adjustment and can be easily assembled.

Additionally the fixture has a reflective internal finish that helps guide light more precisely to the plants. The item weighs in at about 8 pounds and has a look and feel of a nurturing device for your newborn plants. The Jump Start is also compatible with Hydrofarm’s FLV, FLP and FLT tubes. This added versatility can allow for more flexibility in results and methods used to acquire those results.

Final word:

When looking for value remember to weigh in the efficiency of the item as well as the overall length of time of durability with said item. Don’t just get another run of the mill lighting system that risks fire, runs up your energy bill, damages the plants or is hard to assemble. Find out what space you have to work with in keeping your plants, then decide which plants you would like and finally choose the most appropriate lighting fixture to suit those needs. Whether it’s new baby plants or a more commercial approach you’re looking for these are our top picks for this list.

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