Best Stethoscope For Doctors Reviews & Guide 2017

There are different stethoscopes that are available in the market right now. Doctors may have studied well in order to get their degree but they also need the proper tools so that they can do their jobs properly.

Choosing just one stethoscope can actually be complicated because picking out just one stethoscope out of all the other ones available can be hard. Stethoscopes may come in various functions and doctors would need most of these functions. If you are a doctor and you are searching for the best stethoscope for doctors, what are usually the things that you consider?

Some Factors to Consider

A few of the factors that are being considered by doctors are the following:

  • Weight – The stethoscope is usually worn on the neck by doctors for hours every day. If it is lightweight, then the weight will not be felt that much but if the materials of the stethoscope are heavy; this can make doctors’ necks become strained.
  • Quality – The quality of the stethoscope is always important because how long the stethoscope is going to last will help a lot.
  • Design – Stethoscopes may all look the same but they may come in various designs that may or may not be comfortable for doctors and patients.

If you are a doctor and you would like to make sure that you will only get the best stethoscope, you have to go through a wide range of stethoscopes in the market. Since you are always busy, you may not always have the time to shop for a new stethoscope. If in case you would like to narrow down your search, these three stethoscopes can be considered.

3M Littman Classic II S.E Stethoscope, Black Plated Chestpiece and Eartubes, Black Tube, 28

You always need to have the best stethoscope in your line of work. The stethoscope can help you determine if there are some things that would need to do immediately. This may be the right stethoscope for you.


  • Dual Sided Chestpiece – The fact that this comes with a dual sided chest piece means that it can be used for all patients.
  • Tunable Diaphragm – This easily responds to simple pressure changes so there is no need to turn the headpiece all over and over again just to hear the sounds that are needed to be heard.
  • Anatomically Designed Headset – The headset is created in such a way that it will be able to provide maximum comfort to doctors.


  • Accurate and Reliable – If you are searching for a stethoscope that can help you literally save lives then this may be the one that you are searching for.
  • Solid – No need to worry about the stethoscope breaking down after you have used it for a certain period of time.
  • Nice Looking – Aside from being functional, this can look classy and elegant. This can look perfect for professionals in the medical field.


  • Different Colors – The colors that will be listed may not be the same as their actual colors in person.
  • Some May Not Be in Proper Condition – Some have reported that they received products that are not that effective because the condition is not perfect.

3M Littman Cardiology III Stethoscope, Black Tube, 27 Inch, 3128

This machined stainless steel can be perfect for all of your different needs as a doctor. The fact that this comes with a dual sided head means that it can be perfect for pediatric and adult patients. Simply applying pressure can already let you hear high and low frequency sounds that will be crucial in saving lives.


  • Anatomically Designed Headset – This is perfect for your needs as you can adjust it depending on your preference.
  • Two in One Tube Design – You can be sure that noise will be eliminated well especially if there is some interference when the tubes rub together.
  • Pediactric Side Converts to Traditional Bell – This has been created in order to make this stethoscope more functional.


  • Great Sound Quality – You can be sure that you will not be disappointed with the sound that you will hear. You will be able to pick up sounds that you will not hear with other stethoscopes.
  • Comfortable – Even if you would have to wear them and use them for long hours, they will still remain to be comfortable.
  • Tunable Diaphragm – This is not something that you can find in other stethoscopes but once you get the hang of it, you may be able to use it often.


  • Heavy – You have to remember that if you would wear them around your neck for a long period of time, they may tend to feel even heavier than it actually is.
  • Expensive – There are a lot of stethoscopes that may cost less than this one but if you would consider its various features and benefits, it may all be worth it.

3M Littman Master Classic II Stethoscope, Black Plated Chestpiece and Eartubes, Black Tube, 27 Inch, 2141

The fact that this is an award winning stethoscope just goes to show how effective it is for a lot of doctors. This is highly sensitive so hearing sounds will not be a problem. If you would need to do diagnostic performance accurately, this may be the right tool for you to use.


  • Non Chill Rim – This will make sure that patients who will be examined will not feel uncomfortable.
  • Latex Free Materials – Some patients and even doctors can be allergic to latex. This is latex free it can lessen the chances of acquiring allergies when exposed to this stethoscope.
  • Portable Single Sided Chestpiece – Although this is single sided, this is portable enough to be brought everywhere. It can be easy to bring as well.


  • Headset Tension Can Be Adjusted – Adjust the headset depending on your needs so that you will remain comfortable the whole time that you are using it.
  • Resilient Tubing – Tired of stethoscopes that usually change their shape when folded for long periods of time? You will not encounter the same problem with this one.
  • Pressure Sensitive – Light pressure will allow low frequency sounds and heavy pressure can provide high frequency sounds that can be perfect for certain situations.


  • Costly – Some doctors may find it a bit expensive especially since it is not double sided.
  • Problems with the Rubber Ring – Some have reported that the rubber ring of their stethoscope has come off after being used for a short while.


It is apparent that any of the three stethoscopes that are mentioned above can be easy to use and can be perfect for people’s different needs. You can choose the one that will best fit your needs. Remember that the right stethoscope can always make examinations more accurate.

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