Best grass cutting tips and safety guide

If you just want to cut the grass in a lawn then it is very easy. Just start the lawn mower and move it over the lawn. But if you want to help the yard and want to have better looking lawn then there is a lot more to do. Did you know that proper mowing of your lawn actually keeps it healthy and also promotes its growth? Even if you cut your lawn every weekend, you can really improve your lawn by doing it in a right way. These best grass cutting tips will help you to make your garden beautiful and healthy.

Best grass cutting tips

Lawn height: This is a very basic lawn cutting rule. In any case we should not remove more than 30% of the grass blade at once. If you do then the grass will put all of its energy into growing taller rather than working on its root system. It is very helpful for grass health.

Height of the mower: If you have an enough water and watering system install in your lawn then you can set the height of the mower to the lowest level. If you don’t have a watering system install then raise your mower height. Reason is that any lawn mowing regularly at lower height is going to need more water than one mow at higher heights. The extra leaf allows your lawn to tolerate low light level conditions.

Sharp melting Blade: Make sure than the blade on your mower is a sharp melting blade. Otherwise it can damage the grass blades. It can also open it for the diseases.

Cutting time: If you are planning to cut your grass in the morning then you need to wait till the grass is dry. It is better for the lawn and makes your life easy while cutting the grass.

Clipping: Some people use baggers and some allows the clipping to return back to the ground. What should you do? If you cut your lawn more regularly then your clippings are going to be smaller and on top of that if you have melting blade then it’s great to turn those things on the ground because they got a lot of good things in them. But if you don’t cut regularly then you should bagged the clippings.

Grass cutting safety tips

Your safety is more important while mowing the lawn. You don’t have to follow a long list of safety instructions to do it properly. Just concentrate on some basic things and make your lawn beautiful.

Safety goggles: You should use safety goggles every time. It will help you to protect your eyes from small grass clippings.

Ear plugs: Mowers or weed eaters make a lot of noise. You should use ear plug to protect your ear from this loud noise. You can also listen songs on headphone.

Full sleeve shirt: Wear a full sleeve shirt while working in the lawn. It helps to protect your body from different grass allergies.

These are different grass cutting tips and safety guide while mowing the lawn. You you like it.

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