Best gas weed eater reviews

If you want powerful weed eater then gas weed eater is the best option. Electric trimmers are popular today but they are not as powerful as gas trimmers. If you want to buy best gas weed eater then you have to check some important features of that trimmer. First one is weight. Generally gas trimmers are heavy. If your trimmer is heavy then you cannot work with it for a long time. Some light weight gas trimmers are available now days. That’s why don’t forget to check its weight. The next important thing in gas weed eater is noise. It shouldn’t be extremely loud.

After researching gas weed trimmer market I found one gas trimmer which has great reviews and features. You can read more about this trimmer below.

Hitachi best gas weed eater reviews

Hitachi is one of the most reputed and best gas weed eater brands in the market. This weed eater comes with 7 year warranty. It has 21.1cc two stroke engine. This is straight shaft trimmer. It is very powerful trimmer and start easily. Unlike other gas trimmers, it is lightweight and versatile. You can use it as a grass trimmer as well as brush cutter. Manufacturers provided an anti vibration system for this trimmer.

How to start gas weed eater

Starting gas trimmer is not very difficult but unlike electric weed eater it is not a one step process. You have to follow following steps to start it.

Primmer ball or Hot plug:

Find the hot plug also known as primer ball on your weed eater. This hot plug is a little push button on your gas weed eater. Push this five times that will prime the engine for starting. It injects the little bit gasoline into the carburetor to help the motor start.

Choke level:

Next thing you need to do is lift the choke level up. You want to be careful in this step because if you let the check level up and then keep trying to start the engine then it could damage your spark plug. So be careful while choking the engine. What you can do here is that with the engine choked if it doesn’t start in 3 or 4 polls then push the choke level back down. Then try it again for 3 or 4 polls before choked the engine again.

Final step:

Now you have the tankful of gas, you have primed the engine and you have the choke level up. Now last thing to do is before you pull on the starter rope make sure that you hold the trigger in start position. Then pull on the rope.

After you run the gas weed eater for a while if you shut the trimmer off and then want to restart it. Try and restart it without using a choke.

How to gas a weed eater

Most gas weed eaters have two cycles or two stroke engine. They are unique in the sense that you must add the oil to the gas. Most manufacturers have their own brand of oil. Typically the mixture ratio is 50:1 that’s 50 part gasoline to one part oil. You must use two cycle specific oils. In most cases it is not issue that what type of gasoline you use.

So if you want to buy the best gas weed eater then I will recommend Hitachi trimmer. Though its price is little more, its quality is the best.

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