Choosing the Best Band Saw Reviews & Guide 2017

Top 5 Most Durable And Finest Band Saw Of 2016

If there is one default feature of a band saw, it is the ability to resaw. Well, this is no rocket science. What makes one brand different from the other is power and thickness. These two characteristics are vital in the selection of the right brand for your cutting activities. As many probably know, resawing pertains to cutting veneers or thin slices out of a standing board. Its edge will be placed on the band saw table. A high fence is utilized here as an assistance to be guided in the process. If you are in the midst of looking for the right band saw for you, here are the top 5 models that you can ponder upon in purchasing.


This band saw is perfect for achieving irregular shapes. This is also used in ripping lumber so that it will turn into a much thinner piece. Basically, this is recommended to woodworking beginners for it is user-friendly.  This is not surprising since Skil 3386 SKIL 9-inch Band Saw with Light has always been a necessity when it comes to workshops. It will not even matter if different wood materials are utilized with this band saw. This is not going to be a struggle because of its 6-TPI blade.

Making a quick angle is also achievable with SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light. The change in height may be done here too for it comes with an adjustable table which may serve both as a pinion and a rock. The alignment of the blade is also feasible because of EZ View Blade Tracking. What is even good is that there are still other features included. These will make woodworking simpler.  Among these are rip fences, dust ports, and LED lights.


If you need to perform repetitive jobs using your band saw, DEWALTA WM120K 10 AMP 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit is the right one right for you. Basically, this kit is designed with the use of exclusive features not seen in other models. It has the capacity to cut deep which may reach up to five inches, thanks to its 10.0 Amp DEWALTA-built motor. Through dark environments, this may still be safe to grab because of its LED sight light. This provides convenience to the fullest. The saw may also stand the abuse common in jobsites since it is packed with a serviceable steel. This is coupled with steel shroud rubber bumpers.

This portable band saw has always been credited for its 10 amp motor. The purpose of this is the prolonged life DEWALTA. This enables users to cut quickly too. This can be attained without having to bog down at any rate. The speed performance may begin at 100 sfm as a minimum, to 350 sfm. There is a speed-dial attached to it just in case there is a need to alter the speed.


For woodworkers, or users, pursuing a band saw upgrade, Rikon is the best fit. From the functionality and price alone, the product is definitely worth it. The all-steel construction of this band saw is pleasing enough to see and use, of course. The blade is almost built on its saw. Now, do not get that wrong because it may still be feasible to remove and replace if you have the desire to do that eventually. The blades are easily changeable anyway. So, this will not be a problem at all. With this, you will be able to adjust to your cutting needs.

Imagine getting all the desirable features of a band saw from one model. A standard Rikon is used to deliver this way all the time. Among the inclusions are a large cast iron table, HP induction motor, thrust bearings, and lastly, the 4 to 8 inches cutting capacity. If you seek for a floor model, and then find no more for it goes with a stand. This is optional though. Rikon is meant to be taken the way larger bandsaws are. Its motor is of 1/3 HP. There is also a cast iron table.


Powertec BS900 9-Inch Band Saw is the model suited for woodworkers who are looking for an affordable band saw. Buyers can expect a handful of plastic here. This is most likely convenient for jobs which are quick and simple. There is also a vacuum, or dust collector attached to it. This goes to show that there will be no sawdust left after using this.  The patented blade of Powertec has always been adjustable too. Changing will not be a problem with it then. The table also comes with an alterable rack and pinion. This can be titled to 45 degrees.

Beginners are unlikely to have a hard time using this because of its simple initial set up. This may come as a surprise considering that size of this band saw. This benchtop band saw is also commended for its ability to easily cut ¾ inch mdfs. However, please take note that it is not a blade for metal cuts.


This heavy duty cordless band saw is ideal for accurate cuts. This is made attainable through its 18-volt motor which is useful in coming up with a 2-inch SCH-40 pipe. When the user is through with the job, safe-keeping DCS370B can be done simply by hanging the saw. This may be carried out freely for the front-handle is not prone to damage. Its glass is also filled with a nylon base. This is responsible for its durability. The handle on the center serves as a balance as well. This is perfect if there are overhead applications involved in the woodworking.

This product is heavy-duty since it comes with a dual bearing blade guide rollers. These are the support system seen in the blade. The soft grip tops its flexibility and comfort, perfect for a smooth wood cutting.

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