Growers will definitely face the need to select the best weed eater for their yard. This should not be hard with a little amount of research though. The challenge is to investigate keenly because there are just too many brand names to select from. These companies would say that they offer the best weed eater. Now, the idea is to make sure that buyers get to read as many weed eater reviews as possible in order to be an intelligent purchaser. This is a chance to stumble upon the best eater for one’s lawn. This would take time but it the end, it would definitely be worth it.

Functioning eaters may be the same. However, they may also come in various power sources. It may be supported by electricity, gas, oil or batteries. All these should be made clear. There are also various power ranges, sizes and prices that have to be taken into account. Most of the time, individuals who do not need to deal with a tenfold of weeding activities pursue electric eaters. This is understandable because this kind works efficiently with small green patches. With this, there is no longer a need to maintain so much. This is way tolerable as compared to that of gas eaters. Battery eaters on the other hand are unlikely to make so much noise because of its improved technology. The only thing though is that it may come with air pollution. This is its downside and this does not happen with gas weed eaters. Another advantage is that this cordless is way easier to use. The flexibility is beyond compare as well.

Landscaping will not be completed without the right tools. In order to make sure that the lawn looks good, weeds are to be excluded. These instruments for trimming have to be hidden in areas including posts, fences, or just around the trees. The mowers are placed somewhere beyond reach. Aside from their main function, they also assist in plant pruning. The same may also be done with grass and bushes. In the market today, a massive number of weed eaters are available. What can be selected from in this case?

Black Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

This cutting technology is commended for its efficiency. It is comfortable to use because it does not come with any cord at all. Basically, it is 13 inches without cord that goes with an LST136W trimmer and edger. This would deliver power to the motor. It may start from the cutting string so that the task may be finished faster. This would not occur if it was not for the special feature of this model, which is the Black Decker exclusive PowerDrive Transmission. Trimming the grass, even the hard to reach area will be possible. There are just times when mowers are not the most reliable in getting rid of grass from every part of the area. This is how the surface can be dealt with.

Black Decker is high powered. It goes with a 40-volt MAX lithium-ion battery system. This offers effective runtime too. The power is ideal here. The batteries are also versatile as compared to other tools out there.

GreenWorks 21142 10Amp 18-Inch Corded String Trimmer-Gas Attachment Capable

GreenWorks is the answer to growers who get tired of using different electric wholesalers for many years. It is an understatement to say that this is the best among its contemporaries. Anyone can use this regardless of age. This will not be an issue because the equipment is light and easy to utilize. As for its switch, it is long, a couple of inches that is, that is why it can be held by the finger just fine. There is also a little amount of vibration which is comforting too. The arm and hand will not tingle that is why it will not hurt the body after the use. What it goes with is a telescoping handle. This is a unique feature for it controls the said tingling. At least, users will be spared from keeping strings untangled. There is no longer a need to cut off or change a string too. This is why this can be low maintenance in nature. The extension cord may always be attached. It would not come off anyway.

Husqvarna 128DJx 17-inch 28cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft String Trimmer/Brush Cutter with Detachable Shaft (Carb Compliant)

Homeowners will find Husqvarna 128DJx suitable for their cutting needs because it is light weight. Even beginners will not have a hard time because it can be utilized with its simple set up. This goes with a smart start recoil system. A fuel pump is also present. It also comes with an always-ON auto return stop switch. This may be an assistance for a trouble free starting to be completed. It is smooth to hold because of its harness and J-handle. Aside from this, it is also equipped with a semi-automatic, easy loading metal blade and trimmer head. When it comes to its cut guard, it is orange and large triangular piece. Its engine may always reduce emissions.

Final word:

Remember that when it comes to buying, purchasers should go beyond the look of the equipment. While this is one, no one should settle for less. At the end of the day, they can always buy a machine that has both – style and functionality. Prior to the purchase, it is also vital to make sure that one knows the purpose of the buying. If the cutter is meant to be used for commercial objectives, and then there might be a different set of specifications that have to be taken account in here. For whatever it is worth, it would be perfect to stick to tools which are lightweight and soundless. The motor has to be so strong too.

It is never too late to do your assignment and research keenly before buying. If you are planning to purchase this online, there really is a need for you to perform such.

Weed eater is very popular gardening tool. Because of this, weed control is very easy today. There are different types of and large number of weed trimmers available in the market. That’s why it is not easy to find a best weed eater among all of them. There are lots of good manufacturers in the market. If you want the best then you should understand your requirements. Next thing is decide your budget. Once you know your requirements and budget then you can easily find the best for you with the help of following guide.

Best weed eater tips:

The first thing you need to think about when using a weed eater is your safety. Eye protection is a key. A good pair of safety goggles is basic requirement for safety. Always remember that we only have one pair of eyes, so take care of them. The second thing you should use for your protection is ear plugs or headphones. When using the weed trimmer, you want to be sure that you don’t have more string than you need. That long string will cause your engine to overwork. When using it, always keep the head of weed eater flat.

Top 5 weed eaters:

1. Black Decker 36 volts weed trimmer

Black Decker is one of the best weed eater in the weed trimmer market. Most of the customers found it to be very effective and reliable. It consists of three separate parts. First is a 36 volts lithium battery. The ordinary battery starts losing the power the minute you start working but lithium battery works with full power till the charge runs out. It has 4 LED indicators. This gives you the status of the battery by pushing the black button given on the battery. Second one is DC charger. It gets the battery totally charge within one hour. The third part is trimmer itself. This trimmer has inbuilt speed control button. Equation is simple, more battery use for high speed. Trimmer contains one electric motor and single line head. You have to mount the battery on jaw. This also have shaft like function to adjust the height of the trimmer. After work done you can easily remove the battery. It uses only 0.65 lines. Black Decker’s 18 volts trimmer is also very popular in the market today. If your budget is less than $100 then 18 volt weed trimmer is best for you.

2. Stihl weed eater FS 70

It has a new 2 stoke engine. It is a smooth and powerful engine with rapid acceleration.  Stihl uses automatic compression release on its newer models and it’s very easy to start.  Instead of aluminum shaft they used cable shaft. Its gas tank is small as compare to other products in the market. It has choked mechanism. You can push the choke on and after processing it’s automatically turn off. They upgraded their handle. It looks more organic. Its motor seems to handle the longer trimmer line. It goes a long way and takes the grass. It has plenty of power in its strokes. This weed eater comes with money back guarantee. This one has very decent carburetor on it. You have to use two stroke oil for this weed killer. This is something on which you can depend on for years to come.

3. Husqvarna weed trimmer

Husqvarna weed eaters are popular for their first class quality and durability. If you need a powerful trimmer then this is best for your needs. It has a 24.5cc engine. I think now you can understand why I am so impressed with its power. This is a straight shaft and light weight weed eater. This is the best combination of power and light weight. It comes with nice feature which designs to prevent accidental operations. A button which is used to turn on this weed trimmer is automatically locked until we pressed other control button. The cutting attachment guard prevents you from accidental contact with line and trimmer head. The guard has line length cutter included. Which helps to control engine RPM.

4. Worx weed eater

This is a two in one cordless trimmer. You can use it as a trimmer and edger. It comes with a battery, a charger and couple of extra spool. This weed killer has removable wheels on a side. These wheels help you for trimming or edging. You can easily use it as an edger. This is made up of high impact aircraft aluminum. Its battery takes 3-5 hours for charge. One great feature of this weed eater is when you want to replace the line it’s pretty easy. Just grab the cap on sides and push it. Cap will come out. Take out the spool and replace it and put the cap back on. It uses new double helix line which gives more close and sharp cut. Another great thing is that the mechanism to control the line is automatic. If line breaks then it’s automatically feeds out the line. One thing I don’t like about this weed eater is no low battery indicator. Because of its all plastic construction it is very light. Even it has lesser vibrations. We can easily adjust this weed eater for multiple heights and angles. Therefore we can use it easily as a weed eater as well as an edger. You can adjust its handle in 5-6 angles. Its build in intractable flower guard is amazing. You can easily protect your flowers or other plants from cutting.

5. Earthwise 18 Volt string trimmer

This cordless electric weed eater is very light weight. It allows you to carry everywhere in your garden. This is one of the best designed trimming tools in the market. Its battery provides the same power till the end. When you consider this tool as a complete package, it is great. It takes around 6 hours for a complete charge. After fully charged, you can use it around 40 minutes. I personally like its 3 position adjustable cutting head angles. This makes your life easy. It uses 0.065 lines.

How to use?

Charge the battery and insert it into the tool. Adjust the handle as per your comfort. Adjust the height of the tool. Now you are absolutely ready to start work. You can adjust this for trimming mode or edging mode. Just unlock the small button on weed eater and set the angle between the handle and head of weed eater. Pull out its flower protector if you want to protect other plants. It is very simple to change this tool into an edger. Unlock the trimmer head; put handle and head into preposition and relocked it. Insert those removable wheels and now you can use it as an edger. You can also use this weed eater in mini mode. Simply remove the wheels from edger position and insert them in the back of the guard. There are two positions for this mini mode. One is traditional cutting into an open area and the second is trimmed under the table or chairs. You can do this by adjusting the weed eater’s head to 90 degrees. You can also adjust the wheels into 45% angle. This is one of the most versatile weed eaters in the market.

Types of weed eaters:

1. Electric weed eater: There is not much difference between gas powered trimmer and electric trimmer. Generally electric weed eater has a smaller head. There are some multifunction weed trimmers. You can use them as a trimmer and also as an edger. It is great feature in these types of trimmers. These types of trimmers come with portable head. There is no huge difference between their working principles. They used a line to cut the weed. Length and width of this line may vary by brands. Its head spins rather quickly and as you run on a grass or weed, it cuts it down. Advantages:

  1. They are lighter: You can hold most of them with one hand.
  2. It is very easy to start: Starting gas weed trimmer is multiple steps process. You can start these trimmers with single button press.
  3. You don’t have to worry about adding gas or mixing gas.
  4. No ear killing noise: These types of trimmers are comparatively silent.


  1. Low power: If you want very powerful weed trimmer for your garden or lawn then you should go with gas trimmers. Electric trimmers are not as powerful as gas trimmers.

2. Gas weed eater: Gas weed eater is more powerful than the electric one. Now day’s gas trimmers are not very popular. Gas weed trimmer also has larger head which can cover large surface. Advantages:

  1. Big advantage of gas trimmer is power.
  2. Covers larger area.


  1. Starting gas eater is time consuming and difficult.
  2. It is louder than electric weed eater.

This is important to understand the different types and functions of the tool before buying. Hope this best weed eater guide helped you to find best for you. I will keep this list up-to-date. If you have any query or suggestion please feel free to comment below.